Civil Constructions

TIPS is engaged in the field of undertaking Civil Engineering Projects involving construction of RCC Structure, Building, Industrial Structure, Sheds, Water Supply, Sanitary and Electrical Installation. The Firm also undertakes the site development work like roads, water supply, sewerages, drainage, boundary wall, parks, pools, fountains etc. The firm name successfully executed the work awarded us as per the specification maintaining the high standard of quality and workmanship in the targeted time. The Firm has acquired the experience & expertise to cater the requirements of various building projects and developments.


An architectural construction requires time to time maintenance for increasing the life of the building. The Maintenance Service needs special care so that no issue is left. if you are looking for Maintenance Services for Residential and Commercial the best option is TIPS. Post Construction Maintenance Service is a separate service that we offer to our client. We also accept maintenance contract for old projects. Maintenance Services includes general repairs of the building. Our experienced and skilled workers are good in providing the correct preventive measure for increasing the durability of building.

Interior Execution

We have been offering best interior designing and home decor services at reasonable price for House & Office Interior, Hotels, Restaurant, Showrooms and Malls Interiors. We have dedicated professional team to provide best quality services for each of our clients. Our interior designing services are available at affordable cost and we have various design, style ranges to suit each class clients budget. Our team will come up with unique modern & visually appealing design by using various mixture of retail pieces, custom material furnishings and fittings. Our service including freestanding furnishings, floor coverings and window treatments, modern/regular painting, etc.

Turnkey Projects

In turnkey projects, the objective is to give a complete construction solution from the basic work. For any project, a good planning is very essential. TIPS know how to execute a plan. TIPS has an experienced team of architects who can make the plan of the architectural structure. Our CAD team makes a 3D model form where a prior idea of the construction is gained. Our Architects are well known for creative designs and innovative plans. We know how to make the plan best for a client. When the responsibility is handed over to us, it is the duty of the company to provide the full design along with construction equipment and the machinery.

Project Management

The skill of project management is necessary for every organization around the globe. The same goes for Construction Project Management.
TIP provides construction project management which combines the everyday work of the project manager and its subordinates. Our company appoints experienced and skilled construction project managers whose main duty is to oversee the managerial construction part of the project from the pre-construction to the final stage.
Our Project management offers a deep understanding to our clients need. We try to work and maintain a good coordination with the client regarding the progress of the work. The proper execution of any project lies on the particular skill of Project Management. This part includes the timely availability of desired tools required for a particular construction work and the overall project needs expert’s supervision for maintaining the perfection of architecture.