Supply Chain

We see our supply chain as far more than just sub-contractors, suppliers and consultants. We go above and beyond to select the right contractor. TIPS continually strive to establish new partnerships and collaborations, bolstering existing long-term relationships that achieve the greatest results whilst continually striving for improvement.

Supplier’s works are monitored on a daily basis and our site manager’s conduct weekly reviews as necessary to discuss any issues. Non-conformance is immediately highlighted and where possible we help our supply chain to deal with the issues on site that day, should the problem reoccur this will be fed back through our internal management team to our compliance manager who will then raise this within the sub-contractors management team to accommodate rectification. In the event of reoccurrences, our compliance manager will assist to resolve the issue formally with a warning that should it reoccur again they will be removed from our approved list. This process ensures we give our sub-contractors the assistance they require to improve as well as providing a better working relationship.

Supply chain performance is captured across the whole of the company at the end of each project, allowing our buyers to go beyond simply matching sub-contractors to projects by selecting trade, geographical and value parameters. Our whole life approach to supply chain management includes past project performance data that we capture at project closeout reviews, allowing future project teams to benefit from the knowledge of a supplier, good or bad, gained by colleagues on previous projects. Our policy is to target and work with these companies to deliver improved performance across repeat business opportunities. A number of the businesses have benefitted from this process, and grown with our business over the last decade.

Any sub-contractor providing poor performance or failing to meet our standards are immediately removed from our approved sub-contractor list.