We have been offering best interior designing and home decor services at reasonable price for House & Office Interior, Hotels, Restaurant, Showrooms and Malls Interiors. We have dedicated professional team to provide best quality services for each of our clients. Our interior designing services are available at affordable cost and we have various design, style ranges to suit each class clients budget. Our team will come up with unique modern & visually appealing design by using various mixture of retail pieces, custom material furnishings and fittings. Our service including freestanding furnishings, floor coverings and window treatments, modern/regular painting, etc.


To safely construct projects for the benefit of our valued clients, underpinned by family values and excellent delivery.

Core Values

  • Honest – open, trusted and truthful
  • Respectful – considerate, courteous and supportive
  • Collaborative – co-operative, helpful and friendly
  • Responsible – accountable, committed and reliable


As a company we are involved with an industry where our activities have a significant influence over, and potential impact upon, the communities in which we operate. This affects the environmental, social and Economic stability in which these communities exist.

Sustainability is a broad term, covering everything from energy efficiency and use of renewable technologies, to incorporation of green infrastructure and adaptation of buildings to climate change. Our focus is on adopting a co-ordinated approach at all stages of the life cycle of buildings, including conception, briefing, design, procurement, construction, operation, maintenance and ultimate disposal.

TIPS considers sustainability in its every day operation covering areas

  • Energy & Carbon emissions
  • Climate Change
  • Design
  • Material procurement
  • Resource efficiencies
  • Pollution
  • Waste Management
  • Air Quality
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Quality of life
  • Alternative technologies
  • Bio-diversity
  • Sustainable infrastructure
  • Building Management & Performance
  • Efficient Construction methods