Use of translucent wood in home construction

Innovative trends in construction field

Transparent wood or translucent wood is one of the construction materials that are not only environmentally friendly but also an alternative to glasses and plastic materials. It is produced by constricting wooden strips. Transparent wood is mainly utilized in home construction and bring more light into the home. It helps to reduce artificial light which consumes lots of power.

Translucent wood can be prepared scientifically by placing wooden blocks in boiled water and sodium hydroxide for two hours and leach out lignin ( a polymer) that gives wood its color.

It has low thermal conductivity, outstanding toughness, compared to glass it has a low density and high optical transmittance. 

The transparent wood is used in the construction of smart buildings with photonic function. Smart windows to save energy. It can be used to manufacture solar cells. 


  1. Eco- friendly as regular wood.
  2. Transparent wood has a similar strength to lumber.
  3. Bring more light and helps to reduce artificial light 
  4. Harder than glass and plastic.
  5. It is significantly more biodegradable.
  6. It has low thermal conductivity.

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