Tips for the interior designing of your house

TIPS 8- Layer furnishings in the small room

The simple interior decoration trick can create a sense of intimacy in the rooms of your house. You can place mirrors and paintings or wall shelves to create backdrops. Tables and seating will form another layer and usually look better when it is placed close together. Use rugs and bedspreads to enhance the sense of comfort and tie the entire space of the room together. 

Find your own decorative style and apply it to your home is very interesting. Using the technique of layer furnishing makes a meaningful and a reflection of your values in the rooms. The trick is to layer in texture for warmth and inspiration. 

The elements of layering texture include rug, window treatments, small furniture, comfort, lighting, wall art, accessories, and nature.


Rugs are wonderful ways to add texture to your rooms. It is used to create the perfect tranquil ambiance and interior decor. Rugs can add character to a space in the room, it is in a smooth and unified appearance. It is the most easiest and luxurious thing to improve the home decor. There are rugs of different textures and sizes to meet the needs of different human beings and that is the beauty of them. It is hard and clean and is also capable of hiding imperfection and enhancing the beauty of space. 

Window treatments

Window treatments add privacy to the rooms. Set it as another layer in your room and it makes a warm, comfortable, and welcoming room that feels safe and secure. So make sure to have curtains. The curtains do add a softness to hard edges that’s very soothing to the eye. 

Small furniture
To add texture to your room, just add a few smaller pieces of furniture that will be functional. A coffee table is the right choice to put in your room and you can set it in a layer. A small bench in the entry is suitable to put your boots. One or two chairs are also helpful for the visitors to sit. 


Home comfort is an important thing. Several factors provide a feeling of comfort. It includes cushions, pillows, throws, and duvets, etc. these things which make people warm, and allows them to sit with better posture, and helps to rest more easily.  


To make your room functional as well as warm and multidimensional without light is not possible. Lighting is an important layer to add to any space in your room. So you should consider the lighting and make sure you have amble ambient lightings such as general overhead lights or daylight and task lighting like floor and table lamps, pendant lamps, etc. try to balance light in your room by adding lamps in all corners of the room.  

To make your room feel inviting and comfortable, you’ll need to pay close attention to the textures you have chosen in the rooms. The infinite possibilities of the combinations of textures, colours, and patterns play a major role in making the most relaxing space. Layering is so much important in interior design. The right mix of colour, shape, and texture itself creates meaning in the rooms. 

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