Tips for the interior designing of your home

TIP – 4

Use multiples of the same element

Repeating elements helps to create a consistent visual experience. Colour, shape, or texture plays a major role in unifying the space in the interior design of your home. Mismatching carpets and different colour schemes create confusion in the space provided in the rooms. A collection of smaller objects are more visually appealing than a single piece. You could arrange bunches of earthen pots in different sizes, pairs of cushions in various patterns, etc. they just need to look visually similar.
When the items in your room get repeated or use the multiples of the same element helps to get patterns and which makes the room balanced.
There are symmetrical, asymmetrical, and radial balance in interior design. The symmetrical balance is achieved when the items in your rooms are repeated or reflected along a central axis. Symmetry is common in interior design and can portray feelings of calmness and dignity. It can be achieved through the use of patterns, fixtures, and the arrangement of furniture, and the use of colours. You can symmetrically use multiple elements.
Maintenance is one of the major priorities for modern families and spending a lot of time on decorating or interior work of your home. You can achieve an exquisite result by using the design concepts of using multiples of the same element.
The design concept of unity makes a common style and theme throughout your home. The use of multiple elements throughout your design gives shape and colours and it also puts all the look together.
The same elements and their multiples show some creativity, the spaces in your home create a unity of opposites that reflects the visual experience of the designers.

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