Self-healing concrete

Innovative trends in construction field

It is important to fill in and seal cracks on a standard concrete surface to prevent the cracks from growing and expanding. This is something you do not have to do or worry about with self-healing concrete, freeing up more of your time for other things. 

Cracks on a standard concrete surface is a dangerous thing. It is important to fill the cracks or prevent them from expanding. So you have to do something different to ensure that you will never have to replace the concrete surface during your lifetime. Use of Self – healing concrete is the right method to ensure the strength of the concrete surface. It is a concrete that heals itself when it connects with water and air, it produces lime on the outer layer of the concrete. 

Self-healing concrete is a product that will produce limestone biologically to avoid the crack that appears on the concrete surface. When the concrete is being mixed, the components like Genus bacteria, along with calcium lactate, nitrogen, and phosphorus are added. 


  • Self-healing concrete can last for decades or even centuries. It may be as long as 200 years. 
  • It has lower water absorption when compared to conventional concrete; it has great resistance power against the attack of freeze and melts. 
  • Crack-resistant and significantly enhances the strength of the concrete. 
  • The chances of corrosion are reduced and protect from cracks 
  • Lower permeability


  • skilled laborers are required for construction
  • Costly concrete. 
  • If you are looking for inexpensive building material. It may not be a suitable option

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