Is 3D printing, the future of construction?

Innovative trends in construction field

3D Printing is a new wave in construction. It is an environment-friendly technique used in the construction of homes and buildings. Sometimes, it is going to become an alternative to traditional construction techniques in the future. When compared with other construction techniques 3D printing greatly reduced the production time. That’s because of the use of machines to complete the work. In 24 hours some of them are capable of manufacturing 600 to 800 square-foot homes. 3D printing technology is a fully automated technology and it just needs to be monitored by a person.

The advantage of using 3D printing in the construction field helps to save a lot of production costs on material waste. The 3D printing doesn’t require any additional tooling. In this technique, the robotic arms use the amount of material they needed. They are also capable of using recycled materials. 3D printing is also a faster construction technology. 

It has planned or automated construction and it doesn’t need any extra support or different materials when comparing with traditional methods of construction.  

3D printing technology is capable of producing homes out of local materials and using green energy like hydro, wind, or solar energy. It helps to make an immediate shelter and also solves the house crisis with affordable homes. Waste and productivity are the serious challenges faced by the construction industry. 3D printing is the main solution to maintain construction waste. 

The 3D printers can finish a home’s work within a few days. The majority of 3D printed houses are made up of concrete. With its proper maintenance, it should last as long as more traditional concrete buildings. The technological benefits of this 3D Printing are they have new shapes and design possibilities. It is flexible in the shapes of the designs and also lowers the material cost. The method of construction allows designers to design freely with their creativity without affecting the speed of the construction process.

The disadvantages of using this technology are automated fabrication is not suitable for large scale products. With the invention of 3D printing, many people get unemployed  A limited number of materials can be used in this method because the same printer might not be able to print the required multiple materials. It also has restrictions on building size. Only limited material can be used by these machines and the Smaller ratio of automated products in comparison with other industries.   3D printing in construction is to become a major force in the future. When taking a 3D printed construction work the exact amount of materials were required, rather than using the bulk of materials. With this method of construction, all the materials can easily be recycled and used again. The speciality of this 3D Printing is that less manpower is needed for the project and it helps to cut down employee costs.

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