Assess progress of works

Tips 6

This is another critical step to keep costs in check. Any unnecessary delays or interruptions in the works at the site will waste your money in various ways. You should always have the schedule/timeline of works in your mind to control the pace of works at the site.

It is important to ensure that the construction is of good quality. Most of the construction contracts will have a deadline to complete the work. Evaluate the work of contractors and assess the qualities of architects.

Make sure that the work proceeds as you suggested. Check the concrete mix and monitor the quality and strength of the concrete. Inspect the wall thickness and check the safety measures taken by the contractors as per your suggestions.

 Look at the quality of painting and plastering.  The quality of the paint enhances a visual appeal. Through the process of plastering, your home looks good and the use of ‘plaster of Paris’ will also enhance the beauty of the wall.

Check the types of materials used in the construction work and evaluate what steps to be taken to eliminate concrete waste materials. Assess the foundation works, and ensure that the topsoil is removed and piled elsewhere for later use.

You should ensure that the electricity, water, telephone, and Cable services may bring in this time. Check the windows and doors are that are fully framed.

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